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Helen - 5* Facebook Review baby keepsakes gifts

"Thank you so much for the bead. I absolutely love it! Great service and attention to detail, making sure I got the exact colour and style of bead that suited me best. Can’t wait to wear it now!"

Lizzy - 5* Facebook Review Breastmilk Jewellery

"Thank you so much Erin, my breastmilk necklace has arrived and I’m over the moon with how it looks, the photos really don’t do justice how pretty it is.

I knew I wanted a pendant but was a little overwhelmed with the range of styles and colours available but after chatting with Erin we came up with a design that would look pretty & fit with my own style.

It will be a perfect keepsake to forever remind me of the very special time & bond I’ve had breastfeeding my son."

Gen - 5* Facebook Review

Thankyou so much for my lovely pendant with my little boys first locks of hair. Erin really makes sure you get the piece of jewellery you want. She works with you to ensure it will turn out perfectly. Service was really personal and really quick :) so happy with it. Xx

Holly - 5* Facebook Review

Thank you Erin for my lovely necklace! I was a little apprehensive about how my baby’s hair would look in the pendant but I’m so pleased with the result! I love the colours and the real flowers used within the pendant, and knowing my baby’s hair is in there it’s something I will always treasure. Erin made sure the necklace was exactly what I wanted and it was a really quick turnaround, arriving in lovely packaging and a personal note too. 

Claire - 5* Facebook Review

Completely in love with my beautiful heart pendant made using my breastmilk. Erin you have wonderful customer care and a real gift being able to do these pieces for people. Thankyou so much for mine xx 

Kate - 5* Facebook Review 

Thanks so much Erin for my ‘something blue’ - I love it!

Noah happened to be wearing a very apt “I love milk” outfit when it arrived too!

Sarah - 5* Facebook Review

" My breast milk charm is beautiful and so clearly made with love, care and attention. Erin sent regular updates via email- letting me know she had sent the test tube and all through the process- even with pictures confirming receipt of the milk and the bead before it was sent. I can't thank you enough for my jewellery. Xx "

Joanne - 5* Facebook review

" I wanted a reminder of such a precious time with my baby. The bead is perfect. Erin was really helpful when I was trying to find the right colour even combining two to find it. Thanks very much Erin."

Rebecca - 5* Facebook Review

" I absolutely love my head. Its such a lovely momento of my breastfeeding journey. Erin has offered excellent customer service, especially when my delivery was delayed because of the snow. She was in constant contact and ensured that I was happy with my bead. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!!"

Laura - 5* Facebook review

" Beautiful one of a kind piece of jewellery to remember a very emotional, difficult and rewarding part of my motherhood journey. Excellent communication from start to finish and all through the middle. Such a wonderful idea and you really get the personal touch. Thank you so much. X "

Mya - 5* Facebook Review

" If there's a piece of jewellery you must own, it has to be from Eternally Cherished. The attention to detail is beyond words and the customer service is second to none. I felt special throughout the making process, my crazy ideas were taken on board and the end product is something my family and I will cherish eternally. Thank you so much for your patience. Xxx"

Alicia - 5* Facebook review

" Cannot thank Eternally Cherished - Family Keepsakes enough for my beautiful bead, made from my breast milk! Erin was so efficient and kind, keeping me informed throughout the whole process, and the finished item is simply stunning! I was so passionate about breastfeeding Willow but after months of trying it just wasn't possible. I persevered for 10 weeks, running on 45 minutes sleep at a time, and yet she still kept losing weight. I felt like such a failure (and still do sometimes) so this bead is such a lovely reminder of how hard I tried and that I should be so proud of myself"

Rachael - 5* Facebook Review

" Today I received my two beads to go on my Pandora bracelet to mark the achievement of breastfeeding my baby to 3 and then 6 months and I am absolutely delighted with them. They are both beautifully made and I can't thank Erin enough for helping me to have something beautiful to always remember such a precious time between me and my baby. Highly recommended and very professional xx "

Emily - 5* Facebook Review

" I was so impressed with how Erin responded quickly to my questions and helped me decided on a final design that was right for me.
I wanted something to symbolise my journey and my charm is just perfect.
I would highly recommend to anyone looking for that special, personal piece."

Rachel - 5* Facebook Review

" My best friend had a milk charm made for me and it could not have been more perfect. Thank you for making me the most perfect gift "

Victoria - 5* Facebook Review

Wow, Erin created a beautiful milk charm for my friend who gave her daughter the best possible start in life but due to circumstances was unable to continue to BF. we save some of her milk and so for her LG 1st birthday I got her milk made into a charm.

Erin, it is more perfect than I could have imagined. Thank YOU!"

Claire - 5* Facebook Review

" I ordered a ring containing ashes and am absolutely delighted with it. Erin gave excellent customer service, quickly responding to my many questions. She was really helpful in working from an existing design to create a new bespoke one and the end product is beautiful."

Heidi - 5* Facebook Review

" Thank you so much for my amazing beads! Your customer service is fantastic and I really appreciated all of your advice to ensure I had exactly what I wanted. The two contrasting beads will serve as a beautiful reminder of my breastfeeding journey with my two children x"

Victoria - 5* Facebook Review

I am over the moon with my two breast milk charms I ordered from eternally cherished. I have wanted a charm for my bracelet which symbolises me and motherhood and there's no better way than to have a bespoke item that contains a part of me and to remind me of my breastfeeding journey which I have loved with both my girls.

Erin was amazing, she added a personal touch throughout to make sure I was made something truly special and unique. I decided on two charms so eventually they can be passed down to my two daughters. I have a fondness for 'forget me not' flowers as they bloom around my daughters and my birthday. They also have such a poignant name when they do eventually get passed on to my daughters. I asked Erin if including these flowers would be a possibility and she looked into it and said she had managed to get some. I left it to her and I am absolutely in love with the end result. She kept me updated throughout, listened to what I wanted and I trusted her expertise. The tube to put the breast milk in was sent out straight after I'd ordered and was easy to follow. She provided everything to make getting the breast milk to her easy to do. Thank you. I will definitely be using eternally cherished again in the future. Thank you so much. Xx"

Lorna - 5* Facebook Review

" I was lucky enough to win Erins Easter competition and have just received my beautiful jewellery. I got two beads and a necklace and love love love them. I have had different comments from people when I tell them what's in them but I love the fact that it's a special keepsake of a special time shared with my babies. Thank you Erin xx"


5* Reviews from Bizzie Baby UK


Angela Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

Initial contact was very friendly and personalised. I found the kit supplied very simple to use. Full instructions were sent by email and also included in the sample pack along with containers and packaging required to send it back to the company. I have previously used a different company for a keepsake and they just asked you to send the sample in the post meaning further expense for the container and postage. I was very happy that this was all included! Erin contacted me to let me know what was going on at every stage, from when the sample pack was sent to when it was received and when the final bead was sent out which was very reassuring.As mentioned above, when I have ordered with another keepsake company, once the sample was sent, I had no idea how long the order would take and actually had to contact the business owner after 2 months as I was unsure how long it was going to be! So a big improvement this time!From ordering my kit, submitting my breast milk and the item arriving took about 2 weeks which is fantastic. It was beautiful! Very well made and exactly what I had requested.The packaging was so lovely. This looked lovely on too. It is something I will cherish always. Breast milk charms are a really lovely keepsake especially when you know it is going to be your last baby, as a momento of that amazing, close bond. Quality of the final necklace is excellent. Superb value for money. The service was friendly and helpful and the product was of an excellent quality. I would purchase again from this company. The experience was enjoyable and the product is exactly as I had expected. I would recommend for all the reasons above. This product is unique and special and I feel that the customer service that went with it reinforced this for me! Angela Chalkley – Tilly 2 Months


Shelley Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

I was contacted by the company who gave me all the details about what I would be receiving and asked me in detail about what color I would like my bead!! The kit was really easy to use and easy instructions, only took me a few minutes to do!I felt really well looked after from start to finish! Was kept updated throughout the whole process. From ordering the kit, sending back and receiving my bead it took about 5 weeks. When the final product arrive it looked beautiful. It came packaged well and arrived to me safely! This looked really high quality.I firstly used this as on a necklace and them later placed on a bracelet and many people commented on it. I will always cherish this as I had a bit of a struggle on my short breast feeding journey!! It’s nice to have a keepsake. This is a beautiful bead and I love it however I felt like it was maybe missing something like a seal over it... its not very shiny and looks like it may chip easily. This is great value and I would recommend friends and family to order at such a great price! I love the fact it is personal to me and only me. If I wanted to have another keepsake I wouldn’t hesitate to order one! I would recommend as it is such a lovely keepsake, so would happily recommend to friends and family. Beautiful bead, great customer service and an overall lovely experience with this company! Fantastic company with great, friendly customer service... a beautiful bead I will cherish forever. Shelley Townsend Paisley and Rueben – 2 years 6 Months & 3 Months


Fiona Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

My initial contact with the company was great, really helpful and advised me through every step of the process. They contacted me to organise delivery of my kit and also check the colour /pigment I preferred for my bead. The kit arrived quickly with easy to follow instructions and took no time to organise and send back. This company offers excellent service and kept me updated at all times with when kit received and when to expect my bead and emailed me to advise bead on way. Superb customer service could not ask for better. From ordering the kit to sending back and receiving bead it took about 5 weeks. This arrived in a lovely presented box and I was really pleased with how lovely it looked and could not wait to wear it. Quality, style, design all excellent. This looked great on as liked the way the bead was designed. I have this on a silver necklace and wear it every day. This is a really special item as they use your breast milk to create your very own special bead so unique to you and a one off. No one else will have anything like this made for you and it is a truly special item to be cherished always. A really lovely idea, a high quality bead which I enjoy wearing. I think this is superb value and the final product is truly beautiful. Definitely amazing value. I would buy more as I would now like one to go on my charm bracelet. I would recommend as the service is second to none and the final product is exquisite. If you have not had anything like this made for you before do go onto this website as the quality is excellent and it is personally designed just for you. Just love it. Fiona Goobey – Liza 4 Months

First Friendly Foods - Review


I’ve now been breastfeeding Megan for over a year.  She’s showing no signs of letting me stop any time soon and I’m happy to go with that.  I fed Harry for 7 months until he self weaned so I’m hoping to follow Megan’s lead and stop when she’s ready too.  I wanted to celebrate our achievement and when the chance to review some Eternally Cherished breast milk jewellery came my way it seemed like the perfect way to mark our journey.

I chose to have a ring and a necklace made and was sent a kit in the post to send my milk to Eternally Cherished for them to incorporate into the jewellery.  The kit arrived quickly and had clear instructions.

I let the lovely Erin at Eternally Cherished choose what design to make me and was excited to see what she created.  She has lots of different designs on her website, all of which are really affordable.  A few weeks later I received my jewellery back in the post.

She had created me a sterling silver mama ring and a breastfeeding milestone necklace.

The ring is my favourite piece.  It’s beautiful and this photo doesn’t do it justice.  The cream colour is the perfect nod to the milk used to create it and the gold leaf is a lovely way of acknowledging the liquid gold that nurtured my babies.  The necklace has a blue and pink charm on it to represent my boy and girl.  It’s not the sort of style I would usually wear but it’s great to see a brand that offers breast milk jewellery that is bright and funky.  They really do offer something for every style and taste!  I’d highly recommend if you have something specific in mind that you give as much detail as you can when you order.  They want your jewellery to be perfect so are more than happy to listen to any requests.

Megan loves fiddling with the necklace while she’s feeding and both pieces of jewellery will be something to cherish and remind me of these days for long after our breastfeeding days are over.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your feeding journey I’d definitely recommend looking into having a piece of jewellery made.  Even if you’re feeding journey is over but you have a bag stashed away in the freezer that you don’t know what to do with then this is a great way to avoid it going to waste as they can use milk that has been frozen too!


 When my wife was approaching the 18 month mark of her breastfeeding journey I didn’t have a clue how we could celebrate it. For the one year mark, I made a milking boob cake. But I could hardly repeat that. So I finally decided to look into something that she’s wanted for quite a while, and that’s breastmilk jewellery. Fortunately, I had the help of Eternally Cherished to create a breastmilk bead to celebrate the milestone. 


As a dad in the breastfeeding journey, I’m never going to truly understand what breastfeeding has meant to my wife. The feeling of being the person who is sustaining someone else’s life after literally growing that person inside of you is something that I will never be able to experience. I guess that’s maybe why when my wife first suggested that she really wanted breastmilk jewellery, I didn’t fully understand the appeal.

But breastfeeding has been a huge part of my wife’s journey as a parent. It’s something that has been the driving force of her bonding with our daughter. And having something to signify and represent that bond is a lovely thing to have.



Obviously one of the things Eternally Cherished need in order to make this breastmilk jewellery is breastmilk. I dare say you guessed that. What they provide you with is a little sample tube, the kind of one you might use if you’ve ever given a urine sample, and then a couple of milk bags and a jiffy bag to return it all in.

I don’t think they could make this much more secure if they tried. The milk is literally in a sealed tube, inside a sealed bag that’s inside a sealed bag. The chances of anything being damaged to the point where milk is lost is very slim.



I’ll be honest and say that I can’t totally remember how long it took from the day we sent the milk off to the day it arrived back. But it wasn’t long. Not only that, we were kept informed throughout the whole process, so we knew when the breastmilk was received and when the bead was sent out to us.

I have absolutely no idea what is done in the process of turning the milk into a bead, but I do know what the end result looks like:


We both really love the result of this. It’s not too over the top or extravagant. It’s plain and simple. And that’s just what my wife wanted. All you need to get is some sort of necklace to attach the bead to. You do just get the bead and not a necklace to attach it to. Not that we mind this at all. At just £30 it’s incredibly good value for money. I always assumed breastmilk jewellery would be rather expensive, but £30 for something that’s literally made out of your own milk is incredible.

Either way we both really love this breastmilk bead! Even Isabelle is fascinated by it.



My wife wanted something fairly plain and simple for her breastmilk jewellery, but Eternally Cherished do offer plenty more than just that. If you want something a little more colourful, or perhaps even a ring, then there’s plenty of choice. I think for my wife though she wanted something that looked like breastmilk.

 If you want to purchase a breastmilk bead for yourself or perhaps your partner, then you can do so via Eternally Cherished’s website. 

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